Thursday, December 25, 2008

Holiday Wishes...

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you had as wonderful a time today as we did.

Love, The Felosak's

Friday, December 19, 2008

Less than a week till Christmas...

From the lack of posts for my December blog you might think we have not had anything to do, but that is SO not true! I am sure you all can empathize as I can almost guarantee you all have been running around like crazy people too! I have had three Tastefully Simple meetings/holiday parties. All have been fun and informative. My fellow foodies are all lovely people.

Friday the 12th Santa made a suprise visit to The Learning Experience where the kids go to school.

E & B had a holiday party at Meme's work on Saturday...they saw Santa, did crafts, ate, and had so much fun! Thanks Meme and Pop pop. They also kept them overnight so J and I could go to the Wagner's Christmas Party. We had a gift exchange, had yummy food, and played some games. It was fun.

Sunday we all attended Lauren Hill's 3rd B'day (Jason's cousins dtr) at the Warren Community Pool. Evan had a BLAST...B was not to sure about the water. He wanted to chill with Mommy mostly. Meme also helped us out with this adventure. Thanks again!

I have had to go into REAL work early 99% of the days I work for robotic cases and I have been staying up late to try and wrap, etc. You all know the routine for prepping for the holidays.

Today I kept Evan home from school to decorate Christmas cookies and help with chores....yes, both the boys help with housework to the best of their abilities...for example today, both boys climbed on top of the table to help wipe it yes, the system is not perfect, but I am trying to raise non-traditional boys.....they will know how to cook, clena, do laundry, etc. Besides I need all the help I can get......even if it is from a 4 yr old and a 19 mo. old.

Evan got to play outside with Daddy in all the snow today. B stayed inside with Mommy because he has a COLD! Suprise!! You knew that was coming because the holiday is right around the corner and we are hosting Christmas. AHH!! I hope he is better by Mon. We are jam packed with adventures until the following Mon...

Well, off to bed! Hopefully I will be able to collect some phots to go with this post from Meme soon. Be safe out there in all that snow friends.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Gotta love Crazy Weekends!

Well, Saturday morning I attended a vendor show at a church in Roseville to promote Tastefully Simple. It was OK. I did get one party and a book party so that is wonderful. Then Saturday night J and I attended my holiday party at the Barrister House in St. Clair Shores. My mom and dad watched the kids. It was nice. The DJ did a great job, the food was good and there was PLENTY! It was a LONG day.

Sunday I had a Tastefully Simple house party in the afternoon that went extremely well. I got two bookings and a possible third. I am excited. It keeps me busy. Always something to do.....that's how I like it.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Storytime with Santa

Friday we went to Storytime with Santa through the Macomb Rec Center and it was FABULOUS! Evan had such a great time and was mesmerized with Santa. Brayden on the other hand, not so much! He enjoyed sitting with all the kids until Santa came in and said Ho, Ho, Ho.....Brayden was like oh NO, NO, NO! So he went in teh back of the room with Daddy and Mommy sat with Evan and enjoyed the festivities. Evan was chosen to go on stage and hold up the snowman sign.......I was AMAZED at how well he did! We sang songs, had hot cocoa, took pics, and of course there were crafts for the kids. It is truly FANTASTIC!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Where did November go?

Well I must have blinked because low and behold Nov. is gone. I woke up this morning and it is Karli's birthday (12/3)...Happy Birthday Karli! I have the tree up and decorated and all the outdoor decorations are up too, but I still feel blindsighted that Dec. is here SO FAST! I have been busy with Tastefully Simple, the kids, our work Christmas party that is this weekend, and trying to get my Christmas cards out. The boys both have had a bad cough that has been keeping them and us up some nights. So needless to say I am not always full of energy during the day. Good news of Jan 11th I am changing hours at work. I will now work Mon and Wed from 9 am to 9:30 pm. I am cutting my commute and mileage to work by 1/3.....YEAH! I am also going to be changing some daycare/preschool things around which will cut my daycare/preschool costs by 1/2......DOUBLE YEAH!!!!! Anybody want to watch two boys on Mon and Wed so I don't have to chain them to chairs (that's the plan right now)????? hehe!

Brayden is T.R.O.U.B.L.E! Today when I was stripping my sheets he decided to LOCK himself in the bathroom! Then while I was trying to get him out he was playing with the toilet, sink, bathtub, toothpaste, etc. You name it he tried to do it. I think he was actually SAD when I got the door open.

Evan is in an extremely independent/defiant least I HOPE it is a stage. Mommy and Daddy are about to pull our hair out. He tests J more than me, but it is still enough to make me want to tie him to a chair until he turns 25. He's either the best helper in the world or the child from h$%#! How does that work?

We have Storytime with Santa this Fri. I have a T.S. party Sat and Sun. The O.R. Christmas party is Sat night. There goes the weekend and then it is off to work on Mon. AHHHH!!! Tis the Season!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Pirate Adventure

Well, as most of you know my baby boy Evan Doodlebuggie turned 4 YRS OLD on Saturday! I cannot believe how fast time is going! He will be in KINDERGARTEN next yr.....holy s%$*! He loved having everyone over on Saturday to celebrate his birthday. The kids had a great time playing pirates. There was "walk the plank," an object hunt, pin the flag on the map, sword making, telescope making, a cannonball fight, and of course a treasure hunt. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did putting it together. Lana did an outstanding job on the pirate ship cake. Thank you to Auntie for that and for pics.....which I will try and post later when I get them. Thank you to my mom for helping with the treasure hunt....she hid the clues while we all played. And THANK YOU to all the moms for helping me with the kids! We will do it all again when B turns about the older ones will be able to help with the youngin's and we can all sit back and drink some "tainted" pirates punch and have a good old swashbucklin' time! Ok Me Heartys?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tell me what you think?

Rambo or Footloose?

Ev decided to put one of my ouchless headbands on while playing the computer the other morning....he still had his pirate ship tattoo on his cheek from Halloween....his hair stuck straight was to cute to pass up a pic!

Halloween 2008

AAARGGGHHH Mateys! Halloween was so nice this year. We put the firepit out in the driveway and J and I took turns taking the kids trick-o-treating. They made out like they stool a whole lot of booty! hehe!

Yuck! Pumpkin guts!

Look at Evan's face....priceless!

Daycare/Preschool Halloween Hoopla...

On Sunday the 26th the boys had a Halloween Hoopla at their daycare/school. It was really nice. They had a parade, sang some halloween songs, and all the teachers were dressed up like the Wizard of Oz characters. My little pirates had a great time eventhough they did not want to participate in the "performance" part of the afternoon...huh, imagine that!

Midnight duty

Well, I am behind on my blog....again....suprise. My schedule (week) has been a little off due to the fact that I worked midnights on Fri Oct 24 th and Mon the 27th. It went fine, but the sleeping thing during the day through off my routine just enough.

I had a T.S. party on the 22nd at Meme's (Deanna) work. It went well. They are some crazy folks those UCS busdrivers! Don't worry though.....I will still trust them with my kids when it is time!

The boys have had busy weeks with Halloween and parties, etc. By the way, Happy Belated Birthday Blog post Laura! We had a great time at the house Sat night. The kids fell asleep by the time the car hit 23 Mile Rd.

Tues the 28th J and I went to see Lonestar, Joe Nichols, and Jason Michael Carroll at the MGM Grand and OH MY GOD! is all I can say. The concert was FANTASTIC and we had 7th row. I wanted to shoot myself in the foot however because I forgot my camera at HOME!!!! I asked J to stop and buy me a new one on the way, but from the lack of pics you can tell that he DIDN'T! Of course Lonestar sang out song Amazed, but it sounded just a little different seeing as though the leed singer of the band has changed since we got married....I think within the last year if I remember right. JMC turned out to be the most genuine performer and I truly enjoyed his performance.....he sings Alyssa Lies in case you don't recognize his name. I TOTALLY recommend concerts at the MGM. With the close up seats and intimate crowd....the theatre was probably smaller than Stevenson High Schools felt like you were in on an exclusive performance or something. The casino is nice too.....hopefully it will be non-smoking soon along with all of MI....hopefully!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I See U Photography, Inc. .....

Here is a photo montage of some of the pics Lana and her partner Kelly took of my fam at the barn.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Family photos...

Lana and Kelly (my neighbor) are starting a photography if anyone is interested in family portraits for the holidays or for any other reason please feel free to call my sis at 586-530-6373. They are actually taking the pics at the boys daycare in Nov. of all the kids. They took pics of us at the barn last SUN. I will post them when I get the CD. Oh, and Evan and Brayden are their models for some of their marketing material......I love my little superstars!

A Fall Festival...

Last Saturday the whole family went to a fall festival offered by one of the local churches. It was fabulous and completely FREE....even the pumpkin we took home. The boys had a blast. Evan did well at the donut eating contest. They also had bowling with gords, a caramel apple station, a corn maze, cider, and a craft fair. We missed Evan's sports that day due to us all SLEEPING IN to late, but it ended up being a beautiful day anyway. Thanks to the church!

More on Hawaii...

Here are a few more pics of our Hawaii adventure. I also have some up on facebook for those of you who follow that too!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We're Back!

Well, Hawaii was awesome. To much to blog about. The flights were long and at time very turbulant, but otherwise ok. The weather was fantastic! Our cabin on the beach was quaint and the view was spectaculor. The sound of the ocean at night was rather soothing. Not gonna lie, being away that long was hard. I missed the boys ALOT! I have pics. I am trying to do a slideshow, but I am rather tired at night these days. Catching up. We hiked, shopped, snorkeled, kayaked, etc. People at work were asking where my tan was....I actually have color for me, but you know white on white doesn't count to some people as a tan. I am gearing up for Evan's Pirate B'day Party on Nov mark the date everyone. Hope everyone is well. P.S. all the Tastefully Simple stuff came in when I was gone so I have it is sorted and ready to be let me know when you are all ready......and spread the word to see if anyone you know wants to host a party!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Jason and I are leaving for Hawaii in the a.m. We will miss you all! See you when we return. Thanks for all the help with the kids family.....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Gotta love it...

Happy Birthday Girls!

Yesterday we went to Angelina and Brianna's third b'day party at Pump it Up. The boys had a wonderful time...J included! It was a great party. I enjoyed visiting with all the friends. Congrats Tony and Liz.... #3 is on the way and due in late April. The last pic is of our friend Laura and her son Cameron. She was coming down the slide after J, Brayden and her daughter Karli and she had to do some fancy moves to avoid crashing into them at the bottom. Good work Luara! Thanks to the Grabowskis for such a great party. Happy Birthday Girls!

Davinci Party

This is a little bit late, but on Fri Sept 5th I think it was the Felosak fam went to a Davinci (robot) work party at a park in Grosse Point. The kids did pretty good. Daddy played with them on the playground most of the time so mommy could visit with her friends. Nancy is the one wearing the blue O.R. instrument wrap. Yes, she is a littel nutty and that's why we love her. Thanks for putting together a nice outing girls!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Swim lessons...

Brayden and Emily T. had their first "swim lessons" yesterday at Eisenhower...which oddly enough is their highschool if neither family moves.....WEIRD! They did pretty good. Emily likes the water more then Brayden. The water was a little on the chilly side. We had a good time. Unfortunately my hands were full and there are no pistures this time. Daddy was at work still. My dad had Evan....which was a great I did not have to watch him from the water. All in all I think it was a pretty successful 1st day of swim class. See you guys next week!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Own Website...

Ok everyone I now have my own Tastefully Simple is I also have a subaccount e-mail that is .......but, since you are all my friends you can still use my old one if you want. Hope all is well with everyone. Our Hawaii trip is right around the corner. I am getting so excited.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Lazy Dog!

Here is TATA all snuggled up on the floor in my favorite leaf blanket. She was lying next to Jason, Evan, and Brayden at one point, but they all got up eventually and she remained....for a LONG time after!

Just a Blurb....

Ok, I know I always say this, but I behind on my blogging AGAIN! Who would have thought! Anyway, all is well here. We are all healthy. That is always a plus. Evan and Brayden started at a new school on Tues Sept 2nd. They LOVE it! I am so glad. Evan always talks about all the new stuff he is learning.

We went up north for Labor Day weekend. We had beautiful weather and o.k. company....(just kidding guys). The kids did pretty good. They had spent the previous weekend and Mon-Thurs with Meme and Pop-pop up there already. We met them at Meme and Pop-pops cottage on Thurs night. Thanks to them for taking the kids for a few days. We were able to get our bathroom almost put back together and some trim work done in the basement....and mommy got to do some organizing and shopping for Evan's 4th B'day party. It's going to be a pirate party and we are both completely geeked!

Brayden had his 16 month well check on Wed. He is moving up in the world. He has made it to the 25th percentile for height. His weight in still hanging out in the 10th percentile and they said his head is proportional. While we were waiting for the doctor to come see us Brayden pulled the chair across the room to a stepping stool and proceeded to go from the stepping stool to the chair and then up to the examination table to pull back the blinds and look out the window all by himslef. Can we say Mr. Independent! He got some booster shots and was not very happy with me, but it had to be done.

Today I went to work ON MY DAY OFF the raise funds for the O.R. Christmas Party. I am exhausted. And now I am going to change the kids clothes, do my hair and make-up and go to a work picnic.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Up North....Happy Labor Day Everyone!

J and I are leaving for the Lakehouse after work today so, Happy Labor Day everyone! We will return on Mon in time for me to work from 7 pm to 11 pm to return to work on Tues at 7 am. I will be no good that day! Oh, well. Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday good everyone!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm a new business owner...

Ok I have decided to take on a new challenge...I am now a Tastefully Simple consultant. So if anyone out there wants to book a party for friends/fam/neighbors, etc. please let me know. The new fall line is coming out with some tasty items. My "launch" party will be Friday Sept 26th at 7 p.m. Everyone is invited and you can always bring a friend. Husbands and kids are welcome too. After we get done sampling great food we will have a bon voyage party...since we leave for Hawaii only 6 days later! Sweet!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Before & After Grandpa's Garden...

Wed. Aug 13th was my mom's b'day. Happy Belated B'day post mom! Lana, the kids, and I went to her work to say hello and give her b'day wishes. Then we all went to my dad's house and Evan and Brayden got to pick lots of corn, tomotoes, onions, potatoes, and cucumbers. The first pic is of my dad's corn stalks and they are huge! The boys had a fantastic time!

This is them after! Thanks dad!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Daddy #3...

Now if that does not remind you of J then I don't know what will.....B climbed up on the chair all by himself and picked up the remote and then became mesmerized by the TV when he got it on.
Daddy #3 through and through!

Shelby Art Fair Sunday...

In Step...

Karli Buch and Evan Jeremy at the Shelby Art Fair Sunday....look at their perfect synch....Laura you could be right...
this could be love...?.....

The Apel's "Backyard" Bash...

Saturday evening we went over to our friends The Apels house for their annual "backyard" bash. Although, we were not able to utilize the backyard much due to the rain we totally destoyed their basement. It was truly entertaining to see all the kids together. Thanks Jill and Dave for a great evening.

Art time..

Friday was a busy day....we also did art at home. Evan loves to paint! Brayden liked to eat the crayons! Hopefully it's a phase.

After all the walks, butterfly releasing, and art we went to the movie in the park night with a group of our friends. See for pics. I love the one they posted! Alvin and the Chipmunks was playing. The kids did great! I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Friday night! Thanks everyone for attending.

Kayla's Best Side...

Kayla update... she is doing well. We all went to the school today to play...even Kayla. Still overweight. Still lazy. Still Kayla!