Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Brayden's 1 yr well check...

Well, we are a little overdue, but today Brayden went in for his 1 yr well check. He weighed a whopping 19 pounds 8 ounces, measured 29 inches long and his head cicumference was 17 7/8 inches. That is the 25th percentile and below..... what can I say....he's a pee-wee. He eats like a cow however. He eats way more than Evan right now and could drink a whole carton of milk per day if I allowed it. J is off up north AGAIN for GOLF! AHHHH!!! What can I say.....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This is just one example of why my chairs look the way they do. Gotta love the face! Wouldn't be so bad, but Brayden hates baths and to have his hair washed..... he has three new teeth up more bubba.....where did my baby go?

Huckleberry Railroad...

On our way home from Mullet Lake we decided to stop and take a break and ride the train at Huckleberry Railroad. Evan was SO excited! Brayden got really excited on the train ride. The town in similar to Greenfield Village (from what I remember). After we had some lunch and rode the train Evan got to go to the penny candy store and pick out a treat. I think that is why he wants to go back..... he loved the candy store. He also got a Thomas the Train shirt that he wanted to wear to daycare today, but Daddy couldn't find needless to say J had a rough start to his day.

You have a a bar!

Well, the fam and I went Up North on Friday to suprise my Grandfather for his 75th birthday. We started our vacation by stopping by Meme and Pop-pops cottage on Pigeon River. We helped them put together some things like the kids bunk beds, the kitchen table, chairs, a shelving unit, a bar stool, and a tv table cart for the ice-maker downstairs. While we did our "projects" Aunt Bobbi aka Aunt Sugar came over and took the kids to her cottage in Indian River so that we could concentrate. They had a GREAT time! And they were very well behaved! Friday night we joined my fam at the Mullet Lake house. Saturday morning we arrived on my Grandfather's porch step to suprise him. We all took him out to the South End Pub....yes, a bar. There are not to many places up there and they have great omelletts. So yes, I had a baby at a bar. The whole weekend the kids got to play and be outside. The weather was wonderful! I am totally looking forward to the fourth now.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy 75th Birthday Great Grandpa Bohls!

This picture is from Lana's wedding. It is of my Grandpa Bohls and my Grandmother Kay. Happy Birthday Grandpa - Great Grandpa!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tool Bandits...

Yesterday morning Jason and I woke up to find that our garage and Jason's truck had been broken into and ALL of J's tools were gone! They broke in through the side people door in the garage and then disengaged the garage door and lifted the door with hardly making any noise. Then they broke the lock on the back of J's truck and cleaned his tailgate out too! Luckily, they did not take J's million dollar golf clubs or my 6 strollers in the garage. If they were smart they could have each loaded up a baby stroller and saved their backs.....guess they don't think like moms with kids. The responding officer believes that it is someone in the neighborhood or an aquaintance because they obviously knew what we had and where it was kept. Tools is the only thing they got. No one was hurt so that is all that really matters. Of course we are getting the run around with out insurance and about $8,000 worth of stuff was lifted.....I do not know if we will ever be able to recover that much from insurance....oh, well. From my past life experiences I realize that yes, while it hurts the pocketbooks and we all feel personally violated, nothing was taken that can't be's just a pain in the butt at this point.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Well, today is Jason's 35th Birthday! Happy Birthday Daddy!

My mom and dad came over and watched the kids so that Jason and I could go out to dinner alone. It was nice. We actually got to talk. We planned some of our trip that we are taking in October to HAWAII! We are excited.

And then there were three....

Ok, yesterday our friend Laura Buch's brother Jason got married....congrats Jay and Julie!....and we watched her youngest child Cameron...he's one month older then Brayden which makes him about 13 mo's old. He has an older sister Karli whose Evan's age. She was the flower girl in her Uncle J's wedding. POOR CAMERON! He had to deal with the rath of the Felosak you can see from the picture he's not to sure how to respond to their "affection." In all seriousness he did great and we had so much fun with him. We even packed him up and took him with us to Jason's cousin Jake Stewarts graduation/moving out of state party. He really like Jason's other cousin Chris Felosak....he even blew me off once for him.....any other time though I was all he wanted. It was fun having all of them. I know it was only for one night, but I could see us havign one more of our own.....and I am sure it would be a boy. Myabe if we keep going we could have our own football team.......we'll see.
Evan had everyone in stiches at the party. Jason washed his face with some water and Evan looked him straight in the face and said "That was not funny Daddy." Then he made everyone at the party tikcets so that they could ride on the train up north. Jason wiped his nose and he had a HUGE booger. I guess before Jason wiped it off it was falling and making it's way toward his mouth and Jason asked Evan what he was doing...was he saving it to eat or what (as a joke) and Evan made his way toward the kleenex with his mouth open and Jason said "wait, I was just joking" and then Evan burst into laughter and said "I was just joking too Daddy!" Man, I hope he was joking!!!
All in all it was a nice weekend. Now back to the grindstone in the morning...can't wait....

Out and about...

Not much is new here. Brayden is still not walking by himself, but he will walk holding toys, hands, etc. His top four front teeth have popped through...just waiting for them to grow in some. I am so glad to have my healthy happy boy back! Evan as always is up to no good. He is quite the comedian these days. I am hoping for some nicer weather. I love taking the boys outside....hopefuly soon. Jason and I are supposed to get a swingset/playset from a neighbor, but we are having a hard time making the time to go get it. Maybe this week.......hopefully.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New e-mail address...

Ok, Jason and I got new e-mail addresses...they are and I am still trying to work out all the kinks, but they should be up and running soon.

All is well over here. Brayden is HEALTHY again!!!! Thank goodness. The boys had a play date with Auntie Lana and her friends son Jacob that she was babysitting. They had fun destroying the playroom, greatroom, and Evan's room. Evan clogged the toilet again today while the AT&T man was here. He probably was not expecting three screaming kids and a poop emergency when he woke up to go to work this morning. Jason is working on putting tile in the master bathroom. A little bit more gets done each day.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Birthday Party #2

Well, Happy Belated Mother's Day to you all! Brayden got sick Thursday morning with a 103.8 temperature and mommy had to call in. Both Grandma's had to work and Auntie Lana was in San Francisco. He stayed febrile in the 102's until Saturday night. We still had everyone over on Sunday for his 2nd 1st Birthday party and a Mother's Day Celebration. He was a little more needy than usual, but he did a pretty good job with presents and cake. Auntie Lana made him his own Winnie the Pooh Honey Pot cupcake. He did pretty good with it. Thank you Auntie Lana! Mommy called in today too to keep him out of daycare one more day. He has been afebrile and acting a little better, but still not quite himself. Not as large of an appetite and not really drinking like he probably should. I have gone back to the bottle just to keep him hydrated. Wish us luck for the rest of the week.

Happy Mother's Day to you all. I hope you all had a great day!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

No more pics mom!

Haircut Horror...

So after our birthday dinner J and I decided that it was time for the boys to get haircuts.... Evan freaked and I only got half way through the top with the clippers. Brayden was great, but I learned that I am terrible at scissor cutting... so I ended up buzzing his too! Now I have a bald 1 yr. old!!!! Oh well, it will grow back. Brayden is starting to walk a lot more and Evan has decided to start helping him. It is great. In the pic with Ev in the hat he was pretending to be daddy getting ready to go golfing.....Nice, huh? Gott love the boys....alll three!

Birthday Boys' Messy Mug

Well, we all went to dinner to celebrate Brayden's 1st Birthday! I let him have a few pieces of a chocolate chip cookie and this is the messy mug I got. Cute, but messy still the same. Happy Birthday Brayden James!!!!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Women Drivers...

Karli wait! The guys were outside with the older kids and all of a sudden J said Cara you have to see this....and when I looked out the doorwall this is what I saw...

Karli dragging Evan across the lawn! Of course Evan kept doing it once he saw all the adults laughing. Too cute!!!

Brayden's 1st 1st Birthday Party!

Yesterday, we celebrated Brayden's 1st birthday with all our friends and their kids. It was so much fun. The kids enjoyed playing outside and runnning around. I am so glad it was a nice day. The basement was in no shape for company...... Brayden did a good job. He wasn't so sure about the cupcake at first, but then he got into it. Thank you all for coming and for the wonderful and thoughful gifts.

Ali's Wedding Shower

OK, so you would think because I have not blogged in a long time that nothing is going on, but quite the opposite is true. The kids and I have been busy. Anytime it is nice out we are outside or shopping or doing something. If it is not so nice out I take them to the bounce house or somewhere else. J and I have projects going on in the house. The basement has two walls that need to be painted now that the drywall has been fixed and our master bathroom is gutted at the is waiting for me to pick out new tile. My sister, my mom. and I gave my cousin Ali a wedding shower on Sat. 4/26. It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. Lana and I also made my cousin a scrapbook wedding album that all she has to do it put pictures in it after the big day (6/14). I will try and get pics of the album from my sis. It really did turn out wonderful. Her wedding is all black and white, hence the album was done in all black and white. The pic is of my Uncle Jeff (Ali's dad) and my Grandpa before they left the house on the shower day to go wine tasting....we told them to stay out of trouble and not mess up the house....pitiful faces, huh?