Friday, January 23, 2009

What was I thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so Jason and I are signed up to run the Bayshore 1/2 Marathon in Traverse City May 23rd....yes, this yr. We are running with the Teams in Training on behalf of the Leaukemia and Lymphoma Society to try and help find a cure for blood for anyone who has been, is, or heaven forbid will be affected by these diseases please support us. The address for our fundraising website is Please forward this address to EVERYONE you know. Our goal is to collectively raise $3800+. I am deeply commited to this. I am 100% affected by the patients I have cared for, currently care for, and will care for. There is nothing I can do to ever repay you all for caring for me after my accident, but I am committed to helping others. Thank you all!

Don't worry, I have our wills up to date from our Hawaii trip so if we have M.I.'s during the run at least that is all taken care of.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

They know just what to say...

Well, yesterday evening I was helping Evan build a Pirate fort toy thing that he has and there are no directions and I think there are pieces missing already so needledd to say the building was not I informed him that I was having issues and he said...

"I wish there was somebody smart here to help me."

AHHHH! That hurt the ego!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Just some random you know why my house is always destroyed!

Ok, so I guess the moral of the following story is DO NOT take parenting advice from me.....

Today while trying to pick up the house I was a little know tired, needed to get ready for a baby shower, not feeling well...blah, blah, blah....and I was doing the dishes. While I was doing the dishes Evan was piling EVERYTHING in the kitchen telling me he was getting his stuff ready for a show. This included ALL of our shoes, toys, q-tips, etc. I asked him to move his stuff nicely and he refused he insisted he needed EVERY pair of shoes for this show. I tried to remian calm...I think I even tried counting to TEN, but it finally got to me and I told him to get the "bunch of shit" out of the kitchen. So..... he moved it all to the great room and then in his oh so innocent and nice voice informed me that the "bunch of shit" was now in the living room. All I can say is OOPS! My new years resolution is to try and not sweat the small stuff.......does a pile of shoes as high as the counter count as small or large? Not sure!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just like Daddy...

You know what they say....Monkey see...Monkey do......
We have four computers in this house....the main in the basement, mommy's laptop, daddy's laptop and Evan's laptop (Thanks Uncle Kurt)! Do I have a gamer on my hands? Not sure....but, he does love the computer.
Not much new here. BB is getting over an ear infection and bronchitis. Daddy is getting over the plague. Evan is being four....LORD HELP ME! I am adjusting to my new hours at work...MON and WED from 0900-2130. So far so good. We will see!

My boys many faces...

Look at the tude on BB's face in the first pic....wonder who he gets that from?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy B'day Avery!

Our friend Avery turns 6 yrs old today....Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tastefully Simple Awards Night Jan 3rd

Saturday Jan 3rd Jason and I attended the Sugar & Spice Tastefully Simple Awards Banquet at Fern Hill. We has a FANTASTIC time. My fellow foodies are a lot of fun and so are their hubbies! It was nice to see everyone all dressed up. Anyone else want to join in on the fun? Now would be the time to do it......only $57 to start up!

Christmas Eve 2008

We spent Christmas Eve at Aunt Bobbi's house in Commerce Twp. It was lovely to see everyone and we had an excellent time....Thank You Stewart Family. Jake came home from Oregon for a few days and then Drew (his bro) was joining him for some skiing time out there. I am sure they are living it up!!!!
Oh....and the hampster isn't real! Real funny trick that Aunt Bobbi enjoyed playing on me if you want the whole story :)

Uncle Kurt's B'day....12/22

Happy Birthday Uncle Kurt! Hope you are enjoying being....... Ok, Ok I won't tell!

B's 1st Official more baby :(

Lauren Hill 3rd B'day

Jason's cousin's dtr Lauren turned three and we celebrated by going to the Warren Community Center for a pool was in December...playing catch up. We had a great time! Thanks Jenny & Justin