Thursday, July 24, 2008


Ok, this is an old pic, but I wanted to post one and of course I did not take my camera yesterday because both of my disks are FULL! So, Lana, the kids and I are on our way to the Detroit Zoo yesterday and Lana is telling me about being on antibiotics for not feeling well and etc., etc. Evan pipes up from the back seat and says "Auntie, I will take care of you. When I am done being a firefighter I will be a doctor and help people. I will take care of sick people and help with boo-boos." We both think this is great a praise him for his compassion and two seconds later in practically the same breath he says "and then when I am done with my doctor business I am going to be a TRAINROBBER!" I almost peed my pants. I wonder how many kids tell there parents that they aspire to be a trainrobber. HELP ME PLEASE! I politely reminded him that last week he wanted to be spiderman and he quickely replied "and then when I am done with my trainrobbing business I will be superman." I sure hope he chooses a career path wisely!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Poor TATA...

If you look very closely at the pile of stuff on the couch you will see Kayla's nose by the horse's head. I guess Evan thought she was cold and bored therefore she got a blanket and most of her toys placed right on top of her. The funny thing is.......she didn't even move! Thank god she is good natured with these two wild things around.

Ethan's 1st Birthday

Today we attended Ethan G.'s 1st Birthday Party. It was wonderful! It was HOT! The kids swam, played on the swingset, and decorated cupcakes. Thanks Nicole...great idea...the boys loved it. Unfortunately I forgot my camera for this one. Go the abe's blog to see pics. I am sure she will post some.

Connor's 5th Birthday

Saturday afternoon we all attended Connor D.'s 5th Birthday party! It was great! The kids had a wonderful time. They swam, drove cars, destroyed the house and yard, and got to eat Sponge Bob Square Pants cake. What more do you need? Thanks for the party guys.

Fri Play Date

Friday the kids had a playdate with some of their friends. They played on the new swingset, in the sandbox, and had lunch on the patio. It was fun. Evan's room looked like a TORNADO went through it. Thankfully the moms helped me sort through all the puzzle pieces and miscellaneous stuff. Thanks Gals!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Now what do we do?

It's been a long time since I blogged, but here goes. We had The Tremblays and Jen and Earl over for a "play date" and cards last Sat. night and all I can say is thank goodness Em is one tough cookie. She took a beating from the Felosak Boys! Poor girl! I love the second pic of just Em and Brayden; it looks like they are saying now what the h#$% do we do with this thing?

The Monsterous Swingset...

Well, this is our "new" monsterous swingset. I found it on craigslist. I did not realize that the damn thingis practically 32 feet long though! Thank god we have a large backyard! They tore it down in about two hours and with some help from our friends it went up in about the same amount of time. Thank you to Grandpa, Pop-pop, Uncle Kurt, and Rich for all the help. The boys LOVE IT! Anyone want to come over for a play date?

4th of July

Well, 4th of July in Cheboygan once again was awesome! The weather was wonderful and the boys did great. Great Grandpa Bohls took us all on a pontoon ride one afternoon and Evan got to drive th boat...which he thought was the bomb! We found lots of turtles, ducks, etc., etc. We also saw lots of deer over the week that we were up there. We went to the parade, saw fireworks, swam, and ate....a lot! I cannot wait to go back!