Sunday, April 26, 2009


This is how we found him....
this is what he started off in!

This may just support the issue I was just talking about with some of you in regards to possibly over dressing my kids because I am always cold...... hum?

The Adventures of T-Ball

The adventures of T-ball have begun! Evan started approx. 2 weeks ago and it has been FUN! Jason is the coach! It is quite amusing to me to watch him try to "organize" 14 4-6 yr olds with that much dirt and other cool stuff around. Our team name is the Lumber Kings (no we did not name the team). The big pep rally is this Friday. Lots lots lots going on. It has been gorgeous this weekend. We all have been out and about enjoying ourselves.........hope there is more to come!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finally Friends

Belle Belle sitting pretty!
Belle giving Mommy a hug!

Belle getting a bath...boy does she hate BATHS!
Justone of the fam! Hanging out with the boys.

Belle Belle and TaTa are finally friends! I don't think you will be seeing any buddy buddy pics soon, but at least Queen TaTa has finally started playing with the poor puppy. She is back to eating. They will walk nicely with each other around the block usually......sometimes they try to play and run around like maniacs while on the leash....this proves to be interesting, but Mommy can quickly get them reigned in......I am sure it gived the neighbors a good laugh! I took them along for my warm-up run today.....I walk/run 1.2 miles to loosen my leg up and make sure I am good and then I run/run. I dropped them back off at the house for the actual run/run....TaTa would die from a heart attack and being 100 pounds and Belle just isn't in that kind of shape yet. She will get there though. I plan to make her my running partner. We shall see. I hope you all enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL weather we had today. I am looking forward to T-Ball practice tomorrow night. It is the first one.....YEAH! So much fun!

The Great Worm Rescue

Ok, you gotta laugh.... we were all out in the yard yesterday and Evan found a DEAD worm. He proceeded to tell me that we needed to RESCUE it. It needed a good home and to be taken inside, dried off, cared for and revived! Now, you all know I am a sofly when it comes to animals, but this is a worm and it is DEAD not, I convinced Evan to burry it in a bucket so that it couls stay hydrated and we took it out of the sun, again so it could stay hydrated, and we put some leaves in it for food.....and mommy when Evan was busy had to find a different worm that was ALIVE and put it in the bucket that when Evan went to check on it the worm would be better! I know it was not the logical thing to do, but he insited that we rescue this worm and it was not coming in my house! I have enough going on.....I could just see Belle getting the worm bucket and all h^&% breakinh loose because she is running around with a DEAD worm that we have to rescue getting mudd all over my carpet and a 4.5 yr old screaming at the TOP of his lungs....NO THANKS!!!! He is too much....I wonder what other creatures I am going to have to rescue.....Good Lord please help me!

My little posers!

BB showing off his new haircut.....yes, I do miss his lovely blonde locks!
Evan smile you see that hand up behind his head like he is Mr G.Q.? LOL!

Easter '09

Easter was FUN FUN FUN! On Sat, we went to Lutheran High North for an Easter Egg Hunt. The boys had a great time. They found lots of eggs, played on inflatables, made crafts, got temp. tattoos, played games, and got to eat lots of CANDY! What is better than that? Easter Sunday we woke up and had our egg hunt, opened Easter tubs that the EB left, and then headed over to my moms for brunch. The boys then got to do another egg hunt and had more Easter bags and presents from my parents and my sis. It was like Christmas all over again. YIKES! This Sunday we will be heading over to the Felosak's for our Orthodox Easter celebration after T-ball practice. We are looking forward to it!
Waiting for the doors to open at Lutheran High North for an Easter egg hunt. Almost a cute brother moment.....if I were standing IN THE with me boys!

BB on Easter morning at the not only does he have three night-nights (blankets) he also has a favorite pillow that we carry around. Try getting him out of bed with three blankets and a pillow. Mom has a hard enough time with just him at 6:30 am.

Evan finding some eggs at the Lutheran North High School Library.

Evan found his Eaater TUB right away...eventhough the E.B. left it under the table with a sheet over it....oh, well...maybe next year.

BB at my moms on him mini easter egg hunt.

PIU Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who attended PIU! I hope all the kids had a great time. We have reached our goal of $3200 with the help of all our friends and family! Thank you so much!!!
Unfortunately, I was unable to get pics of all the kids. I tried really hard.

So here are just a few. Boy, we all make some good lookin' babies!!!!!

Happy B'day Pop-pop

Look hands!

Evan LOVES chocolate!

Look at my sweet surfer boy!

Ok, happy BELATED birthday posting to POP-POP (March 28th was his b'day). We all went out to dinner at JBaldwins and the boys got to get the make you own Sundae...boy do they love that part. Brayden suprised all of us...including the waiter and was suprisingly neat. Good job BB!