Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Great Worm Rescue

Ok, you gotta laugh.... we were all out in the yard yesterday and Evan found a DEAD worm. He proceeded to tell me that we needed to RESCUE it. It needed a good home and to be taken inside, dried off, cared for and revived! Now, you all know I am a sofly when it comes to animals, but this is a worm and it is DEAD not, I convinced Evan to burry it in a bucket so that it couls stay hydrated and we took it out of the sun, again so it could stay hydrated, and we put some leaves in it for food.....and mommy when Evan was busy had to find a different worm that was ALIVE and put it in the bucket that when Evan went to check on it the worm would be better! I know it was not the logical thing to do, but he insited that we rescue this worm and it was not coming in my house! I have enough going on.....I could just see Belle getting the worm bucket and all h^&% breakinh loose because she is running around with a DEAD worm that we have to rescue getting mudd all over my carpet and a 4.5 yr old screaming at the TOP of his lungs....NO THANKS!!!! He is too much....I wonder what other creatures I am going to have to rescue.....Good Lord please help me!

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