Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Too cute...

Evan had his recheck for his thumb today and I am glad to announce that all is well....the fracture is healed and the only problem now is his skin is falling off from the blood blisters. A bandaid must be on at all times or he screams that it hurts...oh the drama! It was another beautiful day and before our doctors appointment Evan enjoyed planting some items in Grandpa Bruces garden. Then the boys and I went to lunch with Auntie Lana. We did some shopping and then came home and after naps went for a walk and played at the school. The best part of the day was when Evan was mimicking his dad and pretending that he was golfing and then calling on his cell phone to say that he would be home soon and then he would "get home" and tell me all about his "golf game." Amazing what kids pick up on.

Friday, April 11, 2008

What a GREAT Day...

Ok, I take back my dreary day comment.....when Brayden layed down for his nap, Evan and I went out to play and do yard beautification....we then played with worms, bugs, found a birds nest, drew with sidewalk chalk, blew bubbles, went roller skating, rode bikes, and Evan used his scooter. Then when Brayden woke up we all (even Kayla) went for a LONG walk. Evan passed out for about 35 minutes and that is the only nap he got all day. Mommy is exhausted! I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Sweet Pillow Talk...

It has been a long and adventurous week. With the dreary wet weather today....Ev, Brayden and I have decided to stay home and do arts and crafts, puzzles and cause trouble. I cleaned up our breakfast dishes to find that Evan had taken all my throw pillows off the couch and placed Brayden in the center of them.....that's his newest thing.....he likes picking up his brother and moving him from his toys or Kayla's dishes or his art stuff (whatever it might be that he doesn't want him playing with). So mommy then picked Evan up and put him in pillow jail. They both liked it so "jail" couldn't have been that bad.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

While Daddy's away Mommy and Boys will play....

Evan, Brayden, and I had such a great time over the past 5 days while J has been gone. Mommy went to a family friends house and scrapbooked all weekend. I got quite a few pages of the boys done and one double layout from my's only been almost 6 years...I thought I should give it a try. My parents watched Evan, Brayden, and Kayla all weekend. They probably wished I had just dogs....they seemed tired! The boys had a great time with them though. Thanks mom for all the"extras" you did around the is much appreciated! Mon and Tues the boys still attended school/daycare and mommy cleaned the house, shopped with Auntie Lana, RODE RIO (it's been a LONG time), took Kayla for walks, did some yard work, cleaned the garage...well you get the idea. Then when I picked the boys up we would come home and play outside/go up to the school and play on the playground equipment, get ice cream, horse around (cause mom got all her chores done earlier), etc., etc. It was nice to not have to multi-task after getting home from work and just focus on the boys. It was also nice to have some time just to myself.

Today Lana and I took the boys to the ZOO! It was a little windy, but they did great....boy, are my legs tired though! Brayden was mesmerized by some of the animals. Evan was our tour guide with his little map.....too cute! It was great. The boys crashed and mommy was able to keep up on a special project she is working on for a big day coming up....vague I know, but in case the person it is for is reading this I do not want to give to much away...I guess the point is I was able to get something accomplished today. I even managed to give the boys a small feet for just one in this household.

We had a great time while Daddy was gone, but we are also looking forward to his return. He was in Georgia for the Masters. He should be home around 2 am or so. I do have to work tomorrow....bummer.....I should have taked the whole week off....oh well.....

Friday, April 4, 2008

Just like Grandpa...

Now this picture....this picture Evan reminds me of my dad SO MUCH! The little smile where he uses his lips to cover his teeth and the hair sticking straight dad all over. Evan was just waking up from his nap here.....PRICELESS!
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Mommies Little Trouble Makers...

Let's see...the past week in review....

Saturday Brayden and I attended Cameron's 1st Birthday at the Buch household. It was great! Cameron did a great job with his first cake. J and Evan were Up North with Grandma Deanna and Pop-pop.

Sunday Mommy got some housework done then she and Brayden went over to her parents house to take care of some upcoming business. J and Evan returned the Reinharts for dinner and...Evan smashed his hand with an exercise weight and ..HE HAD A FIT! It bleed a bit and was really swollen and all black and blue. It was hard to do an examination on it. Thank goodness we were at Grandma Moosies because she was able to soothe him and was even able to get him to eat his dinner....Grandpa got the ice cream down for dessert (tough job)!

Monday Mommy and Daddy both worked and then Daddy went to get the taxes done. Mommy decided she didn't like the wasy Evans finger looked so she took both the boys to St John Urgent Care for an X-RAY. No big deal she and out... just an X-RAY.....of course, NOPE! We were there for about 2 and a half to 3 hours. Evan was a dream, but Brayden was pissed becuase he could not crawl/walk around and explore.....or maybe it was just bad memories of his trip the prior week for his forehead laceration....not sure! I had my hands full! Evan had to go to the bathroom three times. The last time he wanted to just sit it there and I was afraid we would miss our turn with the MD and have to wait longer so mean old mommy was snippy and said no way either push the poop out now or hold it.....he held it. J showed up just in time to shaperone Evan for his hand X-RAY and then he took Brayden home and put him to was getting that late. The X-RAY showed a small fracture so they put a splint on it and told us to follow-up with our pediatrician in the a.m. Evan was fantastic. He ate dinner at 9:30 at night and was not in bed until 10 ish....which is late for him.

Tuesday Mommy and Daddy both worked. When I got home at 5 minutes to 5 p.m. there was a message from our pediatrician office that they had received copies of the X-RAYS and that Evan had to get into an ORTH MD right away...within the day was the message. GREAT..... I had five minutes to make five calls, etc. Then Daddy and Mommy had to take off in a flash to make it to our wine tasting class we had signed up for.....Mommy needed a shower....missed that.....we were both starving (thank goodness they had appetizers)....and Grandma Deanna was left with no help with dinner for the kids and the house was a disaster....sorry about that Grandma Deanna! Of course, she did great and managed just fine and the kids loved the homemade Mac 'n Cheese she pulled of. Thank goodness for that!

Wednesday Mommy took Evan to the ORTH MD and he said no big will heal in a couple of weeks with or without the splint.....I was relieved the most, but upset that I was lead to believe there was something more to it by the pedicatricians office. Oh well, it all worked out.

Thursday Mommy and Daddy both worked, then they both took Kayla Lee to the ONCOLOGIST for a second opinion and and abdominal ultrasound. I am happy to report that her belly is clean and the ONC. says she looks great. The odds are not in her favor if she does not get RT or chemo, but J and I have decided we will not be doing any further treatments for the MCT. She will still get her usual care and check-ups, etc, but no cancer treatments. They are very costly, time consuming, and have yucky side effects......and right now she is the same old Kayla and that is how we would like it to stay. She is still getting pampered and having special meals cooked for her and getting vitamin supplements to help her.....and will until the end.....hopefully she is in the 20% who have high grade 2 MCT with dirty margins that never have a reocccurence......hopefully....and she around until she is 11-13 yrs old as expected. The boys were picked up by Grandma Moosie and cared for by her until we returned home.....they had a great time. Thank you Grandma Moosie.

Friday....well, so far Brayden had his recheck for hid dbl ear infection and they were clean. Brayden and Mommy went to Costco and J and Evan went to a "job" site together....they returned with golf balls so I am not sure how much of a "job" it was, but Evan had fun. Then we all went out to lunch. J is getting ready to leave on his Golf Trip to Georgia for the Masters. He will not be home until LATE Weds. night. Mommy is going to MaryAnn's house for a scrapbooking weekend Sat and Sun. She took off work for MON and TUES and plans on accomplishing some things around the house, riding RIO, and taking Kayla for some nice walks. Should be a good time.
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