Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Just turn cartoons on..."

Ok, I am sure all my mommies out there can relate, but one of my biggest complaints is NOT getting a shower on a regular basis. So.....when I complain to my lovely husband his response is "Well, just turn on some cartoons and run through the shower real quick. They will be fine!"

So......... one day I went to the gym and I had to go somewhere after. The boys were not taking a nap that day (to much of a battle) so I decided to listen to my husband... the boys had just had lunch, had a bath, and were feshly clothed for the day. I turned on the cartoons, went over the rules with Evan, and made a mad dash for the worlds fastest shower. I had turned the water on, gotten in, washed my face and just started getting my hair wet when Evan came into the bathroom and told me that Brayden was IN the tub and playing in the "bubbles." It took me a split second to realize that the "bubbles" Brayden was playing in (fully dressed mind you) was the foam from the Mr. Clean I had dumped into the Jacuzzi tub to clean it out after the kids bath. I had turned the jets on to circulate the cleaner (which makes it "bubble"/foam up and then drained it. I figured I could finish rinsing it out when I got out of the shower. Trying to save time and all and multitask. Right? I could shower while the tub drained and rinse when I got out instead of wait the whole time for it to drain, then rinse it out, and then shower..... WRONG!!!!

I ran out of the shower dripping wet with no clothes on COLD as all get out, rescued Brayden fron the Mr. Clean "bubbles", cleaned him off, changed him, shut and locked the bathroom door (along with any other doors I could lock) and returned to finish washing my hair.

Moral of the story........MEN have no idea:)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two of my babies...

Sundays are mommy and Evan days (kinda). We try to sneak away long enough to go feed Rio some carrots and maybe a few apples. Then we clean him up, saddle up and hit the trails. Rio is 24 yrs old now and his back has just started to show some signs of sagging:( Poor baby! So we got Evan a saddle just his size so that he can ride him all by himself. He does GREAT! He looks so small up there all by himself. My baby is getting so big:)

Too cute...

Well, this was one of the last hoorah's for summer. A few of our friends joined us for movie night in the park (#2). Above is a pic of Evan and Karli shakin' their groove things:) It was so darn cute. They showed Kung Fu Panda. It was a nice time. The mosquitos tore us all up, but that just means that next year we need to remember bug spray.

A joyous reunion...

Before we went to Kenny Chesney we had the pleasure of meeting my MIL Deanna's father and two brothers. This was our families (Jason, Cara, Evan and Brayden) first time ever meeting them. We sat on the patio and had good conversation and then shared lunch. I think the day could not have been better. I look forward to the boys being able to share in there growing family!

Sun City Tour Aug. '09

Sat Aug 22nd a bunch of us all went downtown to see Kenny Chesney's Sun City Tour 2009. The line-up was Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Montgomery Gentry, Sugarland, and Kenny Chesney. It is an all day country palooza. Jason and I rode down with Greg and Tracey (thanks for the ride). We were able to "tailgate" for about an hour before the show. It is wild if you have never been downtown for it. Maybe next yr we will get a hotel room....then we all can have as good a time as the boys did..... let's leave it at that. I am just glad we got out of the parking lot (wink, wink)!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Picnic Fest '09

We had a FABULOUS time having a large group of our friends come over on Sunday. Rain or no rain the kids played, the adults talked, and thanks to everyone we had some good eats:) Look closely at the group photo...check out Brayden and Cameron's expressions...... so 2 yr old boy "I'm a little s%^$" looks. LOVE IT! Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was just what the doctor ordered for me. It felt good to have my life feel back to "normal" for the day.

Pics from Up North

Better late than never! These are from our 4th of July trip Up North at the cottage (Mullett Lake Cheboygan, MI). We had great weather the last few days we were up there and lived it up! Hopefully we can get back up there this year....we shall see.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Squishy Belly....

Ok, I know I can go a long time without blogging, but over a month....geez....what is wrong with me? Anyway, my dad is recovering well from his bypass surgery. Thank you to all for your calls, e-mails, support, and PRAYERS!!! They paid off.

Funny story... Evan and I have been apart a lot lately (obvious reasons) and when I am home he is glued to me. We were snuggling the other night and he had his head on my belly. Before when he would do this he would always ask me when I was going to have another baby.....this time he just told me he loved my squishy belly! LOL! Good thing the boy is CUTE!

No pics.....noone needs to see this squishy belly:)