Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Just turn cartoons on..."

Ok, I am sure all my mommies out there can relate, but one of my biggest complaints is NOT getting a shower on a regular basis. So.....when I complain to my lovely husband his response is "Well, just turn on some cartoons and run through the shower real quick. They will be fine!"

So......... one day I went to the gym and I had to go somewhere after. The boys were not taking a nap that day (to much of a battle) so I decided to listen to my husband... the boys had just had lunch, had a bath, and were feshly clothed for the day. I turned on the cartoons, went over the rules with Evan, and made a mad dash for the worlds fastest shower. I had turned the water on, gotten in, washed my face and just started getting my hair wet when Evan came into the bathroom and told me that Brayden was IN the tub and playing in the "bubbles." It took me a split second to realize that the "bubbles" Brayden was playing in (fully dressed mind you) was the foam from the Mr. Clean I had dumped into the Jacuzzi tub to clean it out after the kids bath. I had turned the jets on to circulate the cleaner (which makes it "bubble"/foam up and then drained it. I figured I could finish rinsing it out when I got out of the shower. Trying to save time and all and multitask. Right? I could shower while the tub drained and rinse when I got out instead of wait the whole time for it to drain, then rinse it out, and then shower..... WRONG!!!!

I ran out of the shower dripping wet with no clothes on COLD as all get out, rescued Brayden fron the Mr. Clean "bubbles", cleaned him off, changed him, shut and locked the bathroom door (along with any other doors I could lock) and returned to finish washing my hair.

Moral of the story........MEN have no idea:)

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Kim Cervone said...

I know it was nearly impossible, but a visual for that story would have been awesome!!!