Friday, April 16, 2010

New pics of the boys!

Here are some pics of the boys!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big boy Feet...

After giving the kids a bath tonight I was in the process of drying Evan off and noticed how big his hands and feet were! I felt like I was seeing him for the first time in months. I mean, I help dress the kid and put his shoes on all the time, but tonight his feet looked like they has grown three sizes. I was instantly saddened. When I informed Evan that his feet (and hands too) looked like big boy feet (and hands) he thought that was funny! He proceeded to inform me that this growth must have been due to the fact that he has been burping and farting a lot lately....and (pause).....sentimental moment over. Funny! I then informed him that I didn't think those things necessarily made him bigger, but that his mentality was more of an "adult male."

I should not be suprised about how big his feet look though. He is weighing in at 43 pounds and measures 45 inches tall. That puts him in the 5oth percentile for weight and 90th for height for his age. At least that is what the growth charts show. Personally that makes him 1/2 my weight and over 1/2 my height......HELP! He is only 5 yrs old!

It's a GIRL!

Jason and I are proud to announce the arrival of our newest addition....

a 2010 Black Chevy Mailbu! GOTCHA!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehehehe! That was fun!


We were driving to dinner the other night and Evan piped up from the backseat. This is what he said...

"Mom, I hate to tell you this, but one day when you weren't home the thing that holds all my toys on my wall (referring to the old locker we had against the one wall) fell on Brayden and I was thinking that next time I should have yelled FORE cause' that would make it OK!"

After discovering that J was in the room at the time and that the locker actually fell next to Brayden and not on top of him I could relax. Then I thought oh, s&^% not another golfer! Calgon take me away!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kids say the craziest things...

So, we were putting the kids to bed tonight and Evan tells Jason to get in his (Evan's) bed and "stay in there" until he is done getting his pj's on and Jason proceeds to say "I wish your mom would say that to me." And other things like how I used to be fun and blah blah blah. All I did was shoot J a look and Evan proceeds to say "Looks like you'll be sleeping with me tonight!" HILARIOUS!!!!! Oh, how I love my boys!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

R if for HIPPO....

So, Evan has homework assignments each week. It is a double sided ditto that at the top states a letter is for ... Example A is for apple, astronaut, etc. You are supposed to find four pics that start with the letter and then write to word under it. Well, I get home from work last night and go to check out how much Evan had gotten done and I see three pics with words.....a raccoon, a raft spider, and.......a HIPPO! A HIPPO? WTF? So, I climb into bed and J happens to still be awake so I state.... "R is for hippo....." He pauses, thinks, and then starts laughing. He said it was an indication of how his day had been. So, I guess I learned my lesson.....

always have mommy help with the homework!


Evan's got a ANOTHER girlfriend.....

So, Evan has been bringing home pictures and letters that a girl at school has been writing/drawing for him. They started out innocent. Pics of a boy and girl holding hands, hearts, etc. I thought it was cute. I knew the girl from volunteering at school. In fact, the last time I was there she asked me if she could have a play date at my house and that her mother had already OK'd it. I thought that was interesting. Then after the kids had been dismissed for specials class Mrs. Hagel, the teacher informed me that Sam (short for Samantha) has asked her (Mrs. Hagel) to write down her phone number for Evan so he could call her. What? Ok, again I thought it was cute. Then yesterday I pulled ANOTHER picture out of Evan's backpack of a boy and girl holding hands. Ahh, cute? NO! I turn it over and clear as day it say I LOVE YOU! No joke!!!!! I could not believe it. He is only 5!!!!! Either this Sam knew how to spell all that out on her own or her parents had to help her spell it, and if they did what must they be feeling?

So, I showed it to J. We asked Evan about it and he does NOT get it. He said "oh that's a picture from my friend at school." We asked him if she was his girlfriend. He said yes, but not his only girlfriend. He informed us that Karli is his girlfriend too. And not only is Karli his girlfriend, but she is his #1 girlfriend. So if you are reading this Laura tell Karli not to sweat it, she is still #1...LOL!!!!

Oh, to be young again!

My life should be a sitcom...

I am sure we have all had those days. You know the kind where you wonder how your life ended up the way it did? Well, that was my Tuesday evening. We had just gotten back from the boys swim lessons....which were a disaster in themselves. Brayden does not enjoy the classes. He hangs onto you for dear life and if you try to get him to do his floats he SCREAMS bloody murder. Then you have Evan who is now in level 1 and in the "big pool." He is more interested in playing then the actual lesson part of the class. He is starting to let go of the wall and then goes completely under water and freaks out, hence freaking us all out.

Anyway, (Act 1) I get home and put dinner on the table (which no one eats) and then clean up with two kids plastered to my legs (Brayden screaming that I am his mommy and only his mommy while Evan is informing him I am his (Evan's) mommy too and then a fighting match begins). Meanwhile a white dog has laid down in the middle of the kitchen rug and I turn around and nearly fall on my ass tripping over her.

(Act 2) I feed the dogs and then let them out to go potty. I let them in. I decide to try and use the restroom myself. As I am sitting down two boys and a white dog rush the bathroom door and barge in so I am not paying attention really to what I am doing and I sit down.......on a wet toilet seat!!!!!!! (The joys of living with 3 boys!)

(Act 3) So as I am sitting their in pee trying to go pee the dog sits on my feet so I reach down to pet her and BAM my hand goes through a big glob of SHIT on her collar. WTF? Yes, Belle like to eat poop and we have tried everything to break her of this habit, but she still does it on occassion. How she managed to get a glob on her collar and nowhere else has stumped me, but she did. So now not only is my butt wet and gross, but my hand is shitty and I still have two boys fighting over my attention. My only saving grace to this was that I am 100% stuffed up and cannot smell a damn thing. (Of course, if I could smell I probably would have smelt the shit before I put my hand in it). The most ironic part of this whole story is that Brayden tried to warn me about the poop on Belle's collar before this happened. After I had let the dogs in Brayen sad "Mom, poop" and pointed to Belle. I took it as she smelled like poop (which she occassionally does after she eats a poopsicle) and nothing else. My mistake!!!!!!

(Act 4) Mommy gave up!

Winter Fun...

Who said swing sets were only for summer? The boys and I had so much fun playing outside in the snow. Two days/evenings we were out there making our tracks in the freshly fallen snow. Brayden thought it was hysterical that his snowsuit made him go down the slide extra fast. He would slide right off the end and plop down in the snow on his butt and just laugh. A few times I had to help him up because he was stuck and couldn't move with all his snow gear on.

Of course, Belle joined us. She ran around like a crazy women! Naturally, Queen Kayla preferred the warmth of the house and would not come out. What a surprise, huh?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A RARE moment...

Had to post is a RARE moment around this house when the boys hug! Usually when they are touching each other it is to torment each other or steal a toy, etc. Love it!!!

A Year in Review...

Well, no surprises here.....I am behind on blogging (I know a TOTAL shocker)! Anyway, I am glad to report that 2009 was overall a wonderful year! My dad and Uncle are both doing well after their heart procedures. My mutts are still with us! My kids are healthy and growing like weeds! J and I are still employed! We have FANTASTIC friends and family around us! I cannot ask for much more.

I am looking forward to 2010. I know GREAT things are happening/going to happen this year. I am hoping to travel and enjoy some of my friends and family who are outside of MI. Still waiting on a date, but there might be a special wedding in 2010 for some of us "wink, wink." Mostly, I am looking forward to getting de-stressing the Felosak household. Don't worry I am keeping the boys (all 3) and the mutts too! But some other things have got to go......

Evan has been doing FANTASTIC at school and has earned stars everyday. I only hope this trend continues after the holiday break. Brayden has started talking more (hopefully this will help with his TEMPER.....wonder where he gets that?).

Love to you all,


Congrats Eric and Melanie

Congratulations to our friends Eric and Melanie. They got married on Wed. Dec 30th at the Thomas Edison Inn in Port Huron. The reception was a blast and it was wonderful to see everyone!