Thursday, January 14, 2010

R if for HIPPO....

So, Evan has homework assignments each week. It is a double sided ditto that at the top states a letter is for ... Example A is for apple, astronaut, etc. You are supposed to find four pics that start with the letter and then write to word under it. Well, I get home from work last night and go to check out how much Evan had gotten done and I see three pics with words.....a raccoon, a raft spider, and.......a HIPPO! A HIPPO? WTF? So, I climb into bed and J happens to still be awake so I state.... "R is for hippo....." He pauses, thinks, and then starts laughing. He said it was an indication of how his day had been. So, I guess I learned my lesson.....

always have mommy help with the homework!



Kim Cervone said...

I am impressed with the raft spider. I don't know what that is...the hippo thing is just FUNNY!!!

Jason said...

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