Friday, October 16, 2009

Uh oh....

Ok, so this morning started out with me finding a packet of T.S. Mullling Spice jammed in my computer printer. Of course it read paper jam (I do not think they have a built in error message for mulling spice) and I was unable to print the documents I needed to. Anyway, I automatically started in on the kids. Evan told me it wasn't him and BB told me too (the best way he can). So, we continued with our morning routine and got ready for school. I sent a text out to my sis and hubby inquiring about the situation and to my suprise JASON sent me a text back admitting it was him. Of course he tried to make me part of the problem saying I have to much stuff on the desk and next to the printer, etc. Well, my reply to that was basically if you were jumping into a pool or backing out the car you would LOOK first, right? To my suprise he replied "I know."

So, if anyone has the tools (you need a special screw driver or something) to get into my printer so I can get the mulling spice out I would really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!