Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Year in Review...

Well, no surprises here.....I am behind on blogging (I know a TOTAL shocker)! Anyway, I am glad to report that 2009 was overall a wonderful year! My dad and Uncle are both doing well after their heart procedures. My mutts are still with us! My kids are healthy and growing like weeds! J and I are still employed! We have FANTASTIC friends and family around us! I cannot ask for much more.

I am looking forward to 2010. I know GREAT things are happening/going to happen this year. I am hoping to travel and enjoy some of my friends and family who are outside of MI. Still waiting on a date, but there might be a special wedding in 2010 for some of us "wink, wink." Mostly, I am looking forward to getting de-stressing the Felosak household. Don't worry I am keeping the boys (all 3) and the mutts too! But some other things have got to go......

Evan has been doing FANTASTIC at school and has earned stars everyday. I only hope this trend continues after the holiday break. Brayden has started talking more (hopefully this will help with his TEMPER.....wonder where he gets that?).

Love to you all,



Kim Cervone said...

If the boys and mutts are all staying, you aren'tleaving are you?? What else is left : )

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