Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Adventures of T-Ball

The adventures of T-ball have begun! Evan started approx. 2 weeks ago and it has been FUN! Jason is the coach! It is quite amusing to me to watch him try to "organize" 14 4-6 yr olds with that much dirt and other cool stuff around. Our team name is the Lumber Kings (no we did not name the team). The big pep rally is this Friday. Lots lots lots going on. It has been gorgeous this weekend. We all have been out and about enjoying ourselves.........hope there is more to come!


Laura said...

How Fun! Evan looks so big Cara, with his hat backwards. It's amazing they have gloves to fit there tiny hands!

Kim Cervone said...

He really looks like a big boy out on the field. Braydon is lookingpretty big too! I amexcited for Avery to start. Eric is coaching our team of all girls : )