Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finally Friends

Belle Belle sitting pretty!
Belle giving Mommy a hug!

Belle getting a bath...boy does she hate BATHS!
Justone of the fam! Hanging out with the boys.

Belle Belle and TaTa are finally friends! I don't think you will be seeing any buddy buddy pics soon, but at least Queen TaTa has finally started playing with the poor puppy. She is back to eating. They will walk nicely with each other around the block usually......sometimes they try to play and run around like maniacs while on the leash....this proves to be interesting, but Mommy can quickly get them reigned in......I am sure it gived the neighbors a good laugh! I took them along for my warm-up run today.....I walk/run 1.2 miles to loosen my leg up and make sure I am good and then I run/run. I dropped them back off at the house for the actual run/run....TaTa would die from a heart attack and being 100 pounds and Belle just isn't in that kind of shape yet. She will get there though. I plan to make her my running partner. We shall see. I hope you all enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL weather we had today. I am looking forward to T-Ball practice tomorrow night. It is the first one.....YEAH! So much fun!

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Kim Cervone said...

I am so glad that the Queen is finally giving in. Submission is usually the easiest route. What a sweet looking face Belle has...I want some video of you reigning those two in. I have problems with my two 60 and 25 pounders!!