Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You have a baby.....in a bar!

Well, the fam and I went Up North on Friday to suprise my Grandfather for his 75th birthday. We started our vacation by stopping by Meme and Pop-pops cottage on Pigeon River. We helped them put together some things like the kids bunk beds, the kitchen table, chairs, a shelving unit, a bar stool, and a tv table cart for the ice-maker downstairs. While we did our "projects" Aunt Bobbi aka Aunt Sugar came over and took the kids to her cottage in Indian River so that we could concentrate. They had a GREAT time! And they were very well behaved! Friday night we joined my fam at the Mullet Lake house. Saturday morning we arrived on my Grandfather's porch step to suprise him. We all took him out to breakfast......at the South End Pub....yes, a bar. There are not to many places up there and they have great omelletts. So yes, I had a baby at a bar. The whole weekend the kids got to play and be outside. The weather was wonderful! I am totally looking forward to the fourth now.

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Kim Cervone said...

What a hilarious quote. He seemed pretty happy to be there!