Monday, May 5, 2008

Ali's Wedding Shower

OK, so you would think because I have not blogged in a long time that nothing is going on, but quite the opposite is true. The kids and I have been busy. Anytime it is nice out we are outside or shopping or doing something. If it is not so nice out I take them to the bounce house or somewhere else. J and I have projects going on in the house. The basement has two walls that need to be painted now that the drywall has been fixed and our master bathroom is gutted at the is waiting for me to pick out new tile. My sister, my mom. and I gave my cousin Ali a wedding shower on Sat. 4/26. It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. Lana and I also made my cousin a scrapbook wedding album that all she has to do it put pictures in it after the big day (6/14). I will try and get pics of the album from my sis. It really did turn out wonderful. Her wedding is all black and white, hence the album was done in all black and white. The pic is of my Uncle Jeff (Ali's dad) and my Grandpa before they left the house on the shower day to go wine tasting....we told them to stay out of trouble and not mess up the house....pitiful faces, huh?

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