Friday, December 19, 2008

Less than a week till Christmas...

From the lack of posts for my December blog you might think we have not had anything to do, but that is SO not true! I am sure you all can empathize as I can almost guarantee you all have been running around like crazy people too! I have had three Tastefully Simple meetings/holiday parties. All have been fun and informative. My fellow foodies are all lovely people.

Friday the 12th Santa made a suprise visit to The Learning Experience where the kids go to school.

E & B had a holiday party at Meme's work on Saturday...they saw Santa, did crafts, ate, and had so much fun! Thanks Meme and Pop pop. They also kept them overnight so J and I could go to the Wagner's Christmas Party. We had a gift exchange, had yummy food, and played some games. It was fun.

Sunday we all attended Lauren Hill's 3rd B'day (Jason's cousins dtr) at the Warren Community Pool. Evan had a BLAST...B was not to sure about the water. He wanted to chill with Mommy mostly. Meme also helped us out with this adventure. Thanks again!

I have had to go into REAL work early 99% of the days I work for robotic cases and I have been staying up late to try and wrap, etc. You all know the routine for prepping for the holidays.

Today I kept Evan home from school to decorate Christmas cookies and help with chores....yes, both the boys help with housework to the best of their abilities...for example today, both boys climbed on top of the table to help wipe it yes, the system is not perfect, but I am trying to raise non-traditional boys.....they will know how to cook, clena, do laundry, etc. Besides I need all the help I can get......even if it is from a 4 yr old and a 19 mo. old.

Evan got to play outside with Daddy in all the snow today. B stayed inside with Mommy because he has a COLD! Suprise!! You knew that was coming because the holiday is right around the corner and we are hosting Christmas. AHH!! I hope he is better by Mon. We are jam packed with adventures until the following Mon...

Well, off to bed! Hopefully I will be able to collect some phots to go with this post from Meme soon. Be safe out there in all that snow friends.


ABE's Mama said...

I am so proud of you!!!!!!

Kim Cervone said...

I'd like dibs on one of those non-traditional boys as a son-in-law, please! Have a great Christmas!