Sunday, November 2, 2008

Midnight duty

Well, I am behind on my blog....again....suprise. My schedule (week) has been a little off due to the fact that I worked midnights on Fri Oct 24 th and Mon the 27th. It went fine, but the sleeping thing during the day through off my routine just enough.

I had a T.S. party on the 22nd at Meme's (Deanna) work. It went well. They are some crazy folks those UCS busdrivers! Don't worry though.....I will still trust them with my kids when it is time!

The boys have had busy weeks with Halloween and parties, etc. By the way, Happy Belated Birthday Blog post Laura! We had a great time at the house Sat night. The kids fell asleep by the time the car hit 23 Mile Rd.

Tues the 28th J and I went to see Lonestar, Joe Nichols, and Jason Michael Carroll at the MGM Grand and OH MY GOD! is all I can say. The concert was FANTASTIC and we had 7th row. I wanted to shoot myself in the foot however because I forgot my camera at HOME!!!! I asked J to stop and buy me a new one on the way, but from the lack of pics you can tell that he DIDN'T! Of course Lonestar sang out song Amazed, but it sounded just a little different seeing as though the leed singer of the band has changed since we got married....I think within the last year if I remember right. JMC turned out to be the most genuine performer and I truly enjoyed his performance.....he sings Alyssa Lies in case you don't recognize his name. I TOTALLY recommend concerts at the MGM. With the close up seats and intimate crowd....the theatre was probably smaller than Stevenson High Schools felt like you were in on an exclusive performance or something. The casino is nice too.....hopefully it will be non-smoking soon along with all of MI....hopefully!!

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