Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mommy's Day

On Thurs the 7th Evan's Preschool put on a Mother's Day function. There was dinner, dessert, crafts and entertainment. Boy, was there entertainment. As you can see from the photos above....Evan hid his face during the mother's day songs. He did not want to participate at all! Poor baby! Then it was time to receive our homemade gifts. They paper mached a flower pot and planted us flowers (the pot is sitting on my window sill getting some sun as I type), hand flowers, and a mother's day poem with handprints and their pics. It was a wonderful night. My mom came over to watch BB so that I could have some one on one time with my big boy.
Evan and I made a small gift for all his teachers. We took pens and used floral tape to secure flowers on the tops of them. That is the basket of flowers you see in our hands. They turned out rather well and the teachers all seemed to really enjoy them.
On actual Mother's day we all went out for breakfast. Then cleaned out mommies car (that is a shole day in itself), then took naps (all of us:)), and headed out to the BARN! We all (except J...he is a chicken) rode and EVAN especially loved it (SO DID I). What a FANTASTIC day! Happy Mother's day to you all!!!!!


Laura said...

Sounds like a great day!

Kim Cervone said...

I love those school functions!! Some might say you are a kiss up for those crafty little gifts : ) As a kiss up myself, I say bravo!! They are very cute.