Sunday, May 3, 2009

1st GAME


I know the sign says Lumber Jacks, but they are actually the LumberKings! The T-ball Pep Rally was Fri the 1st and the kids had a GREAT time despite the weather. The teams were announced and then proceeded to have a "parade" around the schools track. Then they had bouncies, ice cream, pizza, Dan Dan the Choo Choo man and more. Then Sat the 2nd was team pics and then Game #1 of the season. Since there is NO score in T-ball I can safely say I know for sure our team won (wink-wink). They did great. It was a long day for the young ones. After that we headed over to the Buch household and hung out with some friends for awhile. See the Buch Family Blog under my peeps pics of the kids (I'd say boys, but my boys appeared to like to play dress-up in the GIRLS clothing). LOL!
Today we cleaned the garage, chased the dog....TWICE when she thought it might be a good day to run away (CRAZY!), stained/painted the swing-set, went to the park, etc., etc. You should have seen the kids after painting the swing-set.....I would have taken pics, but mommy was just as messy and covered in paint from chasing them.....boys with paint brushes is always interesting. I was also afraid my camera would end up a lovely shade of brown instead of the beautiful black color it is supposed to be.
I was not present for this, but I wish I had been.... Jason said that while he was up ont he upper level of the swingset that Belle attempted to climb up the slide (like the boys) do to get to him. She said she made it 1/2 way up before she started to slide and then she bailed and went over the side..... what a STICH that would have been to see.... maybe she will try it again.

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Kim Cervone said...

Busy weekend. I am looking forward to our first game...wondering if Avery will participaate : )