Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well, Saturday was crazy crazy, but we did GREAT for the LLS! Thank you to everyone who was able to make it. We raised about $1400.00 at Dooley's and altogether we are more than 1/2 there for our fundraising goal.....running on the other hand I am not so sure. I am able to start runnign again on the 7 more days.....YEAH! Jason was rear ended on Wed afternoon. Thus far he seems OK. His back is a little sore and the truck needs some fixin', but other than that he seems fine. He has an eight mile run planned for this Sat at Stoney Creek with the rest of the TNT team. Meanwhile, I stay home and watch the kids...all 5....I am watching out mentors three kids too since I am unable to run. Should be FUN! He has a girl who is 12, a boy 6 and another girl 4 yrs old. Thank goodness for our playroom downstairs.....or maybe we can go outside on the swingset....anyone know what it is supposed to be like weather wise?

We have three fundraisers coming up. Two TNT Team event and our PIU party. One is on the 21st at Jack's Waterfront in St. Clair Shores and the other is on April 19th at a bowling alley.....kid friendly. The cost is $20pp at Jack's and I will give you details as I get them for bowling.

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