Saturday, March 28, 2009

Suprise! Our new addition...

This is Belle! She is named after Belle Isle, which is where she was found only one to two days after having puppies. The puppies were nowhere to be found, she was grossly engorged, rail thin, and her coat was 1/2 gone. Her foster mom picked her up, bathed her, fed her and took her to the vet. She is a complete sweetheart! The boys have really taken to her. They are just as rough on her as Kayla and she has not complained once. She is approx. 18 mo-2 yrs old and PLAYS alot more than Kayla. She rides in the car great. Shows no food dominance. Was gentle at the vet. Walks about like Kayla does on the leash...not so good at first, but quickly settles in. Is housetrained. Does NOT bark. Wags her tail for everyone that comes to the door....hence, I have NO guard dogs here! Sleeps through the night ON A DOGBED in the living room. (J was worried there would be no room left for him in the bed). They think she is Boxer/American Bulldog....not 100% sure though. She acts like a boxer. I have not been around many American Bulldogs, so maybe she acts like them. Not sure.

We have taken her in for a two week trial period. Thus far, she is settling in fabulously with us and the boys. Kayla on the other hand is not doing so well. For 100 POUNDS...yes, she is grossly overweight....she is a big wussy. She has stopped eating and barely comes out of the bedroom. Fortunately, Kayla can stand to miss a few meals....maybe this is even good for her. Kayla will get up to go on all the walks with us, but will not run in the house because Belle chaces her...then she will tuck her butt and GROWL at her. Yes, Kayla is growling. It does not seem, to faze Belle. I am pretty sure it is just a warning to not chace her. Poor QUEEN Tata. Does she not realize she could eat this dog if she wanted? Or at least sit on her.... poor Belle would be defenseless with that much junk in the trunk sitting on her! Hopefully this works out. Will keep you posted.

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Kim Cervone said...

she is very very cute!!! Give Queen Tata some time. She will come to realize that Belle can take the brunt of the kids' torture and she can sit back and watch.