Wednesday, February 4, 2009


This one is for you KIM! Here is an update of the Felosak household. Everybody's still working....thank you! T.S. is going great. Nicole and i had a fabulous open house last FRI. Thank you to everyone who attended. Team Iin Training (TNT) is progressing. J and I have been running/working out at the gym ....I know that is HARD to believe. I have LOTS of great fundraising ideas like movie night, pump it up, party at Jack, Dooleys, maybe a poker night, and lots more fun activites. I will keep you posted. I am 100% enjoying myself and fell damn good about what we are doing. It is hard to put into works what this Marathon is doing for my body, heart, and soul, but now that we are involved I can't imagine not being a part of it.

This weekend our family is going to the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse hopefully I will have pics to post soon. I do have some of us sledding, but I have not found the opportunity to put them onto the computer yet, and frankly I am to darn tired to do it right now. For you fellow facebookers you can look at Jason's profile if you are friends with him as they are posted there.

Hope all is well with everybody...miss you all!

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Kim Cervone said...

Thanks so much, Cara. I knew you had stuff to tell and just no time to tell it! xo