Sunday, August 3, 2008

P & P Tour

Last night a group of us went to see Kenny Chesney in concert at Ford Field. Jen, Earl, J and I went down early. We left the house at 11am to pre-party at the "beach bash." We had a great time! Kim, Eric, Greg, and Tracey joined up with us later. There was a mechanical bull at one of the bars......Kim, Tracey, Eric, and I all took a turn.....Eric rode the longest! Congrats! Of course he had no liquor in him which I am sure he has legs that are three miles long. I think it was 35 seconds....IMPRESSIVE! (Congrats to you Kimmy too :) ). The music was great. The showmanship was outstanding and the company was even better. Thank you all for going. It was a wonderful evening. Eric drove us all home in Greg's minivan. J had climbed in the trunk because we were one seat short and I told him to get out so he opened the hatch and climbed out right into the bush all the guys had just peed on! Let's just say Greg and a few others gave him a hard time and he was not a happy camper. Poor pee-pee boy! He took a shower as soon as we got home and his clothes are being washed as I type. All in all it was an OUTSTANDING night! Let's do it again next year!

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Laura said...

I'm glad you guys had fun! I told Kim I wish I could've seen all of that, except the puker of course!