Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh, to be a kid again...

Oh, to be a kid again......I wish I had naptime. Evan so did not want to lie momma, I'm not tired he said and then BAMB....out cold! Brayden is feeling better from his ear infections. However, he got a boo-boo on Monday. A toy he was playing with fell over and he hit his head on the fireplace...and of course, the boys had pulled the bumpers off, so.... he has an ugly looking cut above his left eye. Auntie Lana was watching him and felt SO BAD! He went to the urgent care at 23 and Romeo Plank and they irrigated the wound and put some Dermabond on it. No harm done. He looks aweful cute with the bandaid on his forehead.

Today we went for a short walk around the block to enjoy some of the sunshine. Evan rode his big wheel, Brayden pimped in the stroller, and Kayla got to strut her stuff....she was so happy. She is doing OK. I am super sensitive to any behavior change in her. She does not eat.... I FREAK, she poops weird....I FREAK.... her gas smells different....I FREAK.... you get the picture. I have changed her diet and am feeding her extra protein...yes, I am cooking meat for the dog (don't anyone say a word) ... I don't think J and I are on the same wavelength right now when it comes down to what to do, but I am doing it anyway. Being a strong woman is hard enough, but having to be a fortress of a mom and caregiver is darn right impossible at times. I know you all have felt the same at times. No tears allowed, strong for everyone else, always having to make decisions that suck one way or another, and no one ever one ever knows the internal conflict and uncertainty that you feel or the internal struggles that are going on inside you.

Work is alright. I have been going in early a lot lately and I think the lack of sleep is getting to me. It is hard to keep this house running somewhat regularly and be away three days of the week. I feel like all I do is play catch up on my days I am sure you all feel the same way. I CANNOT wait for summer. I want to get outside and take the boys out to see RIO. RIO always makes me feel better no matter what is going on in my life. His nicker melts my heart to this day. I am blessed to have him and be able to keep him as part of my life. I thank my parents for introducing me to my baby and for helping me until I was able to take care of him myself. Thank you Lana for always driving me out to the barn...even when you didn't want to.

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Kim Cervone said...

It is hard to care for a sick family member. I feel for you, Cara. I have also made ground meat and rice for Austin. It is not fun, I know but do whatever is working best for Kayla and for you. As forthe house, it isn't much easier when you are a SAHM...mny tip is to SCREW IT!!! The house will be clean when the kids are grown and you will wish someone was around to mess it up. I just made my self feel a little better about it so I hope it helped you : ) xo