Sunday, January 27, 2008

Boring Weekend....

Not much to report this weekend. Brayden is starting to perk up a bit! We played in the basement today and Evan was filling up the pack 'n play with the balls from his ball pit.....I guess he thought Brayden should have some fun too! The kids got to see Grandma Moosie and Grandpa Bruce on Fri night and Sat morning.....thanks for watching the kids mom! Evan had soccer Sat morning and did a great job! Then they also got to see Grandma Deanna and Pop-pop Sat night for dinner. Considering Brayden is not 100% yet, they did great at the restaurant. Evan was not to sure about the Saganaki (flaming cheese) though....I thought he was going to stop, drop, and roll right on the restaurant floor!

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