Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Saga of BB Sleeping

It has been interesting around here at night time. Brayden was climbing out of the crib so we had to put the mattress on the floor...well, he does not like this. First he made a nest and slept in the middle of his floor, then we tried putting the boys mattresses together on the floor (this worked for one night), then he moved to throwing all his blankets over the baby gate and made a nest in the middle of the hallway on the floor. Thankfully he will now stay in his room, but he likes 100 things on the little crib mattress with him. This is how we found him the other night.....sleeping so hard! Thank goodness the book had built in air holes!!!!!

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Kim Cervone said...

That truly is a saga. I can't believe he would rather sleep on hard wood than his mattress andthe picture of him with his nose through the book is priceless!